Beth Willingham with dogsAgility with Beth Willingham at the Obedience Club of Chattanooga and Dogs' Night Out with Beth Willingham

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Agility Classes from Beginners to Master Level

Class Descriptions and Prerequisites

Agility Foundations
This class is full- waiting list only
Prerequisites: Dogs must be able to work in close proximity with other dogs. Appropriate for dogs and their handlers who are working at the Novice/Open level as well as advanced dogs and handler teams working specific issues, proofing or lateral distance. Dogs may work on lead in this class but should be working toward off lead training. Foundations are essential to success in anything you do. In this class, we will focus on developing independent obstacle execution with contact obstacles, weave poles, jumps and tunnels. Sequences and short courses will be introduced.1:30-3:15 PM February 16/April 27/May 11/ June 1/ June 29 $30 for an individual class; $135 for the 5 class series when paid in advance 10 working slots/unlimited audits- $15 for audits. No refunds.
Extreme Handling
Prerequisites: Participants must be working at the Masters level.Test your analysis and handling skills! We will use timers and video analysis to determine the most efficient way for each team to handle extreme sequences seen in masters' level courses. The sequences will include lead outs, discriminations, and wicked weave entries. 10:00 -11:30AM Nov 16/Nov 30/Dec 28/ Jan 18. $30 for an individual class; $15 for audits.
Masters Coursework
Prerequisites: dogs must be working at (not necessarily competing at) the Excellent/Masters level; able to work off lead; able to hold a stay*; able to work in close proximity with other dogs. *Dogs must be able to hold a stay in order to work on handling specific sequences. A start line stay is not required. In this class we will work on analysis and execution of full courses. Appropriate for Excellent/Masters level dogs and their handlers. Handlers will be asked to bring a list of trials/dates that they plan to enter during the fall. Trends from the judges at these trials will be used to develop sequences within the courses. Saturdays 8:00-9:30AM Nov 16/Nov 30/Dec 28/Jan 18 $30 for an individual class; $15 for audits.
Pulling - Make it Stop!
Priority given to those that can make all four classes.
Prerequisites: Dogs must have been introduced to a leash. Dogs must work on a buckle collar, front clip harness, or head halter. Prong collars and choke chains will not be allowed in this class.Want to stop the pulling or transition from a pinch so you can compete? This is the class for you! Learn techniques and tools to get a nice loose leash walk using positive training techniques. 3:00-3:45 PM Saturdays Nov 16/Nov 30/Dec 28/ Jan 18 $20 for an individual class; 8 working slots/$10 for audits.
Canine Partners
Prerequisites: Dog must be able to work in a buckle or snap collar. Bring lots of treats!Dogs are important members of our families. Many of the have important jobs both at home and within the community. In the Canine Partners class, we will focus on teaching behaviors that will enhance your current skills whether you serve as a Therapy Dog team or just want to be able to enjoy taking your dog to public places. You will work with your dog to learn skills such as placing paws up on a surface on command, learning to sit calmly under your chair and tricks appropriate for Therapy Dog visits or impressing friends.4:15-5:15 PM Saturdays Nov 16/Nov 30/Dec 28/ Jan 18 $25 for an individual class; 8 working slots/$10 for audits.

Lunch and reset obstacles from 11:30 to 1:00

Dogs' Night Out with Beth Willingham - Dog and Handler Enrichment

6:30-8:00 PM Nov 15/Nov 29/Dec 27/ Jan 17 $30 for an individual class; Limit 15 working slots.

Dogs' Night Out returns to Friday night- come join the fun. Appropriate for dogs 6 months of age and above. Must be able to work in a group environment with other dogs. This is not an appropriate place to work dogs with aggression, space or resource guarding issues.

Dogs deserve a night out too! Join us for an evening of fun and training as we work on essential skills for a well-rounded dog. During Dogs' Night Out, we will work in the following areas:

Recall - No more begging your dog to come when called. Develop a fast, focused recall that works every time you call your dog.

Clicker Training - The clicker is a great communication tool but it's not just Point and Click! Learn how to handle the equipment, break down behaviors, and reward your dog so that training new behaviors or fine tuning known behaviors is a fast and fun experience. We'll start with the basics and work our way through advanced techniques.

Motivational Games - Everyone wants a happy focused dog. Games are a great way to get there. Whether your dog is toy driven, food driven, or motivationally challenged, he'll love these games.

Fitness is Fun - No need to join a doggie gym! We'll work on core body strength, flexibility, and proprioception (body awareness) skills. What to bring? You will need a crate, a towel or mat large enough for your dog to lie down on, LOTS of soft yummy treats, a bait bag or nail pouch for your treats (no plastic bags in your pockets please), your dog's favorite toys, and a well-rested, very hungry dog.